Sawah Zürich - Jikiden Reiki for the body and mind

Jikiden Reiki for the Body and Mind

Healing energy, self healing system, immune system, energy flow.
Healing energy, self healing system, immune system, energy flow.
Healing energy, self healing system, immune system, energy flow.
Universal engergy for healing: Jikiden Reiki bei Sawah, Zurich Winterthur.

Questions to Jikiden Reiki treatments

When should I arrive?

Please, arrive five minutes before your appointment. Be sure to plan enough time for getting here, so you don’t arrive stressed out and are able to fully enjoy your Jikiden Reiki treatment.

How may I pay?

I accept cash payments only.

I have to cancel an appointment. What does that mean for me?

No problem, as long as you cancel your appointment one day before. On the same day, I would not be able to book a replacement in such short time. I count on your fairness.

I am running late.

Please, give me a call to let me know that you cannot arrive on time.

I have to use the restroom during the Reiki treatment.

Of course, just let me know. There is nothing more tense than having a full bladder for both of us.

I’m on the verge of getting sick. Should I have a Reiki treatment?

If you think you are catching a cold or a flu, and you catch it early enough, a Jikiden Reiki treatment can work wonders. Your power of self-healing will be activated and you may be able to ward off becoming sick. However, it can also speed up the oncoming illness and you might have to get right into bed afterwards. But thanks to the treatment, and with some sleep and fluids, you will be up and on your feet in a short time.

Does my health insurance cover the costs?

No. In Switzerland, Jikiden Reiki is not covered by basic healthcare plans (Grundversicherung) or by major complementary coverage (Zusatzversicherung). However, some insurances show themselves to be a part of a voluntary basis. Please, ask your insurance.

Does my company cover the costs?

In some cases, companies promote the health and well-being of their employees and have a budget for them. Please, ask your company.

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