Sawah Zürich - Jikiden Reiki for the body and mind

Jikiden Reiki for the Body and Mind

Healing and easing suffering with Reiki: Sawah Zürich Oerlikon Airport
Positive life-energy through Jikiden Reiki, Zürich Bülach Winterhur
Detoxify, detox and cleansing: Reiki in Zürich
Increase immune system, healing power with Jikiden Reiki, Zürich

No money no chance for healing?

In selected cases, I engage myself with small collectors or reduced hourly rates.

I am happy to make a contribution to the well-being and health of the person and to relieve the relatives.

Pro bono – offer

Small collectors or reduced hourly rates.

30 minutes acc. to the arrangement

60 minutes acc. to the arrangement

90 minutes acc. to the arrangement

Treatment incl. briefing and debriefing.

Sawah, Zürich Glattpark