Healing Impulses for the Body and Soul


November 3th 2016

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sawah_karin_birchler_ausmessen_1.jpgDIVINE STRAIGHTENING

Through a healing impulse, the spine of the patient is straightened within seconds, with no physical contact to the body.

Energetic and mental blockages, which are stored in energy bodies are freed and dissolved. The spirit, soul and body are brought back into balance and energy can flow freely. more >

Interferences at home and At work

The removal of disturbances and radiation at home transforms energies which are out of balance and can be stressful on us humans. 

The entire premises in which you live and work, including your car and telephone, are placed in a mental force field. more >

Sawah in Zurich, Switzerland. Between Oerlikon / Hallenstadion and Glattbrugg / Opfikon and easy to reach from Kloten, Rumlang, Bulach, Dubendorf, Wallisellen. Across the Grand Hotel Kameha and close to Zurich Airport ZRH.