Sawah Jikiden Reiki Zurich

Jikiden Reiki for the Body and Mind


A cross-section of various feedbacks from Jikiden Reiki course participants.
* Note: The names have been anonymized.

“Thank you for this great Reiki weekend. I was absolutely excited about this seminar. It was exciting and relaxing at the same time. I am now a real Reiki fan and have treated my father and my partner several times. It is useful. I am already looking forward to the next seminar.” Manuela

“Thanks for this great course. I felt comfortable from the beginning, it was an informal and pleasant atmosphere. I enjoy Jikiden Reiki so much that I bought the next day a bed for my home and now regularly treat my brother.” Danielle

“After the first day of the course I was able to support my partner with Reiki in the evening. I have integrated the Gokai into my everyday life and practice it regularly. I would also like to take the Okuden course.”  Simone

“I am so enthusiastic about Reiki and I have been able to give Reiki to my wife several times.” Peter

“The course content was conveyed in a very understandable and comprehensive manner and there was enough time to ask questions. I learned a lot, found it exciting and would be happy to recommend the course to others.” Roland

“Since the course I have been giving myself Reiki regularly and it works.” Bettina

“It was great to learn Jikiden Reiki in such a small group. The course content was conveyed very well and understandably. I now practice Gokai every day.” Rolf

“I found the Reiki course very interesting and educational. The highlight was the reception of the Reiju. I am already looking forward to using it. Thank you for opening the door to Reiki to me.” Elena

“The presentation of the story about Western Reiki and Japanese Reiki was very interesting and I really liked it, as well as the recurring practical exercises.” Judith

“Thank you for the educational two days, it was more than worth it. The atmosphere in the classroom was great. With her well-founded knowledge and her focused, calm but enthusiastic nature, Karin made the course perfect.” Susanne

“It was a great educational weekend. The course content was conveyed in an understandable manner and practiced sufficiently practically.” Ruth

“A few days after the course I was able to apply Jikiden Reiki to my partner. He had a bee sting on the foot. My acute treatment was beneficial, the next day the sting was no longer visible and the pain was gone.” Rosella