Sawah Zürich - Jikiden Reiki for the body and mind

Jikiden Reiki for the Body and Mind

Mups: Medicaly unexplained physical symptoms.
No diagnosis: Holistic treatment with Reiki.
No diagnosis: Holistic treatment with Reiki.
No diagnosis: Holistic treatment with Reiki.
Healthy or sick. Doctor finds nothing. Reiki in Zürich.

Sawah – fascination rice

As a big fan of Asia, the rice fields have continued my fascination again and again. Rice is one of the most important staple foods for many people in the world.

Sawah in Indonesian means ‘rice field’ or ‘area’. Each rice seedling is inserted into the ground by hand and a sophisticated irrigation system ensures it’s prosperity. Through a gentle balance of water, sun and man-made creation, we can harvest wonderful grains of rice. Many steps are involved, including time and patience, until a grain of rice lands on our plate.

In many asian languages, the words for rice and well-being are identically – a sign of just how significance this plant is to so many people. It is common to ask, “Have you eaten your rice today?”, much like we would say, “How are you?”.

This is just like it is with our health

Health and well-being are stored in every human being and can be activated. The basic nucleus in us is to be permanently maintained, constitutionally fit and cleared. This is how each person can develop into what he really is.

The word ki means both energy and rice

sawah_reiki_kanji.pngOriginally, Reiki was written in an older Kanji version. For the word Ki, a character 氣 was used which represents how engergy 米 radiates in all directions. However, this Kanji character also means rice, which is understood as a source of energy in Asia. Words with energy are called in Japan Kototama.

Tadao Yamaguchi prefers to write the term “Jikiden Reiki” in the original old Kanji version.

The logo Sawah

This symbol represents a plant seed beginning to grow and flourish. The green surface is inspired by a cup of matcha green tea – green tea is one of the best remedies to maintaining good health. The color green is also the color of life and energy flow, it has a calming and balancing effect.



Sawah, Zürich Glattpark