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Sawah – The fascination of rice

As a big fan of Asia, I am always fascinated by the rice fields. Rice is one of the most important staple foods for many people in this world.

Sawah means “rice field” in Indonesian. Each seedling of rice is planted in the soil by hand. A sophisticated irrigation system developed over generations ensures that the rice flourishes. The balance of soil, water, sun and human hands produces wonderful grains of rice. It takes countless steps as well as time and patience until the rice grains can be served on a plate.

In many Asian languages, the words for rice and well-being are identical – a sign of the great importance of this plant. It is common to greet each other with “Have you eaten rice today?” to ask “How are you?”.

it is the same with our health

Health and well-being are stored in every human being and can be activated. The basic core within us should be permanently nurtured, kept constitutionally fit and purified. In this way, every person can develop into who they really are.

The word ki – energy and rice

sawah_reiki_kanji.pngOriginally, in Japanese the word Reiki was written in an older kanji version. The kanji 氣 was used for the word Ki. The part 米 means rice, which is understood in Asian countries as the source of energy. It radiates energy in all directions. Today, scholars in traditional Japanese arts as well as Jikiden Reiki therapists and teachers still prefer the old spelling because it conveys exactly what Reiki is: the radiating of energy.

The Sawah logo

The logo represents a plant seed that is beginning to grow and bloom.
The green area is inspired by a bowl of matcha green tea – one of the best remedies for maintaining health.
The colour green is the colour of life and energy flow, it has a calming and balancing effect.