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Jikiden Reiki® for Body and Mind

Increase immune system, healing power with Jikiden Reiki, Zürich
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Invest in your health

Jikiden Reiki is an excellent means of health care.

The daily accumulations of toxins caused by anger, worries, anxiety, stress, nutrition, air pollution and medication residues, etc. settle in the cells over a long period of time. This shows itself through headaches, chronic fatigue, tension and disturbances of the energy balance. Often we do not notice these small signs of our body or only notice them marginally. If we wait for a longer period of time, organ dysfunctions or illnesses can develop.

Jikiden Reiki stimulates the natural cleansing system and self-healing powers and brings your body and mind into balance. The cells and organs are detoxified and supplied with fresh energy.

Regular Jikiden Reiki treatments are an ideal anti-stress, preventative health and relaxation therapy. A good investment for your body and mind.

During the treatment you can experience a pleasant, deep relaxation, and afterwards you feel full of energy, strength and satisfaction again.

As a means of prevention, a regular Reiki treatment of 60–90 minutes at intervals of 3–4 weeks is recommended.

Jikiden Reiki can help with

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • Activation of self-healing powers
  • Personality development
  • Performance optimisation
  • Reduction of toxins, detoxifying
  • And much more

Prices Jikiden Reiki

60 minutesCHF 130

90 minutes CHF 180

Treatment incl. pre- and debriefing.


Jikiden Reiki gift voucher

The Sawah Jikiden Reiki voucher is a useful gift and can be redeemed individually for treatments or Reiki courses.