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Jikiden Reiki for the Body and Mind

Healing with your hands - Jikiden Reiki can help with physical and mental problems
Find out the cause and treat for pain with Jikiden Reiki
Jikiden Reiki as medicine chest - with pain, illness, mental problems and more
Japanese holistic healing art Jikiden Reiki Zurich

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Questions on the Treatment Procedure

When should I arrive?

5 minutes before the appointment is perfect. Please allow enough time for your arrival, so that you do not get into hurry and enjoy the Jikiden Reiki treatment relaxed.

How may I pay?

I accept cash payments only.

I have to cancel an appointment. What does that mean?

No problem as long as this happens until the night before. On the same day, I can hardly forgive someone else for your appointment. I count on your fairness.

I am running late. What should I do?

Please, contact me by phone, if you can not keep your appointment on time.

What clothes should I wear during the treatment?

All treatments are performed on the dressed body. Wear comfortable clothes so that you are relaxed during the Jikiden Reiki treatment. Changing room is available.

Which body parts are treated?

During the Reiki treatment, my hands will be positioned in different positions at or with a little distance to your body and will rest there for some time. Depending on your topics for example head, ears, lung, kidney, abdomen, hip, legs, knees and feet are treated. Intimate zones are self-evident taboo.

How many treatment appointments are needed?

The healing process is different for each person, so we plan the further appointements from treatment to treatment. From my experience, depending on the topic, I recommend 4-8 Reiki treatments of 60-90 minutes.

I’m on the verge of getting sick. Should I have a Reiki treatment?

If you think you are catching a cold or flu, and you catch it early enough, a Jikiden Reiki treatment can work wonders. Your self-healing powers are activated and you may be able to ward off becoming sick. However, it can also speed up the oncoming illness and you might have to get right into bed afterwards. But thanks to the treatment and with plenty of sleep and fluid, you will be up and on your feet in a short time.

I have to use the restroom during the Reiki treatment.

Of course – just let me know. There is nothing more tense than having a full bladder for both of us.

I am pregnant. Can I get a Jikiden Reiki treatment?

Yes of course, Jikiden Reiki can not hurt. It is a health-promoting, a gentle and effective treatment method. The treatments are very relaxing, you will find moments of inner peace. Reiki is mood-enhancing and leads to a relaxing deep relaxation for mother and child.

What can I do right after the Jikiden Reiki treatment?

Drinking a lot of water! In order to get rid of toxins well out of your body, drinking a lot of water is important. Treat yourself to peace and relaxation and consciously integrate these into your everyday life. Life the Gokai - the five Reiki principles.

After the treatment, I feel the pain in another place, why?

The pain for example in the kidney area were simply more noticeable for you. These have now subsided and you can perceive other areas that were rather deaf better. This is a good signal and shows that the congestion has resolved and the self-healing process is activated.

Are there side effects after Reiki treatment?

Possible effects in connection with the healing process may be that the symptoms are perceived stronger or weaker. In both cases, this is a good sign, showing that the body is responding to the Reiki treatment. With each additonal Reiki treatment, the symptoms become weaker and body and mind come back into balance. The person then perceives himself better and feels more energy and power.

I have a lot of pain, that I cannot attend the scheduled appointment. Are there other possibilities?

By arrangement, I can offer you a tightly focused distance treatment. It is identical to a direct body treatment.

I am going on vacation and I do not want to interrupt the treatment. Are there other possibilities?

By arrangement, we make a certain day as well as time. I can offer you a focused distance treatment. It is identical to a direct body treatment.

An operation is planned. Can Jikiden Reiki help in advance?

It is useful to give time to the Reiki treatment and then decide with the doctor, if the symptoms have subsided and the operation is still necessary. Reiki can also actively support the healing process after surgery.

I have a medical treatment. Can Reiki help in addition?

Yes, Reiki can be combined very well with conventional medicine as active support. By agreement, the doctor and the Reiki therapist can work together in a supportive manner.

What can I do if conventional medicine does not help?

Never give up! If conventional medicine does not help it may be worthwhile to try Jikiden Reiki. I was able to treat several clients with Jikiden Reiki, who had a sustainable healing success in a short time.

Does my health insurance cover the costs?

No. In Switzerland, Jikiden Reiki is not covered by basic healthcare plans (Grundversicherung) or by major complementary coverage (Zusatzversicherung). However, some insurances show themselves to be a part of a voluntary basis. Please, ask your insurance.

Does my company cover the costs?

In some cases, companies promote the health and well-being of their employees and have a budget for them. Please, ask your company.