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Jikiden Reiki can help with physical and mental issues

Questions about the Treatment Procedure

When should I arrive?

5 minutes before the appointment is perfect. Please allow enough time for your arrival so that you do not arrive in a rush and can enjoy the Jikiden Reiki treatment in a relaxed way.

How can I pay?

I accept cash payment.

I have to cancel an appointment. What does this mean?

No problem, as long as this is done by the evening before. On the same day, I can hardly give your appointment to someone else. I am counting on you to be fair.

I am late. What should I do?

Please call me if you cannot keep your appointment on time.

What clothes should I wear during the treatment?

All treatments are performed on the dressed body. Wear comfortable clothes so that you are relaxed during the Jikiden Reiki treatment. Changing facilities are available.

Which parts of the body are treated?

During the Reiki treatment my hands will be placed in different positions on or at a small distance from your body and will rest there for some time. Depending on your topics, the head, ears, lungs, kidneys, abdomen, hips, legs, knees or feet, for example, may be treated. Intimate areas are of course taboo.

How many appointments are necessary?

As the healing process is different for each person, we discuss the further therapy plan after each treatment. From experience I recommend 4–8 Reiki treatments of 60–90 minutes depending on the issue.

I feel a bit ill, should I come in for Reiki treatment?

If it is an upcoming cold or flu at an early enough stage, a Reiki treatment can work wonders. Your self-healing powers are activated and may just be able to ward off the illness. However, the Reiki treatment can also speed things up and put you to bed immediately. Thanks to the treatment and with plenty of sleep and fluids, you will be fit and healthy again in a short time.

I have to go to the toilet during the Reiki treatment.

Yes, please, there is nothing more uncomfortable for both of us than a full bladder.

I am pregnant. Can I come to the Jikiden Reiki treatment?

Yes, of course, Jikiden Reiki can do no harm. It is a health improving, gentle and effective treatment method. The treatments are very relaxing, you will find moments of peace and inner calm. Reiki is mood-lifting and leads to restful, deep relaxation for mother and child.

What can I do directly after the Jikiden Reiki treatment?

Drink a lot of water! Drinking plenty of water is important to remove toxins from your body. Allow yourself to rest and relax and consciously incorporate this into your everyday life. Live the Gokai – the five Reiki rules of life.

After the treatment I feel the pain in a different place, why?

The pain in the kidney area, for example, was simply more noticeable for you. As this has subsided, you can perceive other areas that had been were rather numb more clearly now. This is a good sign and shows that the congestion has been released and the self-healing process has been activated.

Are there any side effects after the Reiki treatment?

Possible effects related to the healing process can be that the symptoms are perceived more or less strongly. In both cases this is a good sign and indicates that the body is responding to the Reiki treatment. With each further Reiki treatment, the symptoms become weaker and body and mind come back into balance. The person perceives himself/herself better afterwards and feels more energy and strength.

I am in so much pain. I cannot keep the scheduled appointment. Are there other possibilities?

By arrangement, I can offer you a specific distance treatment. It is identical in effect to the direct body treatment.

I am going on holiday and do not want to interrupt the treatment rhythm. Are there any possibilities?

By arrangement, I can offer you a distance treatment. It is identical in effect to the direct body treatment. We agree on an appointment and the duration of the Reiki treatment. You can enjoy the treatment at your holiday destination during this time.

An operation is planned. Can Jikiden Reiki help?

It makes sense to give the Reiki treatment time to take effect and then decide with the doctor if the symptoms have subsided and the operation is still necessary. Reiki can also help after an operation to actively support the healing process.

I am in medical treatment. Can Reiki provide additional support?

Reiki can be combined very well with conventional medicine as active support. By arrangement, the doctor and Reiki therapist can work together in a supportive way.

What can I do if conventional medicine does not help?

Never give up! If conventional medicine does not help it may be worthwhile to try Jikiden Reiki. I have treated many clients with Jikiden Reiki who have noticed a lasting improvement in a short period of time.

Will my health insurance cover the costs?

Jikiden Reiki is not covered by basic healthcare plans (Grundversicherung) or by complementary health insurance (Zusatzversicherung). Some insurances are accommodating and voluntarily reimburse a portion of the cost. Please check with your insurance company.

Does my company cover the treatment costs?

Some companies support the health and well-being of their employees and have a budget for this. Please check with your company.



Jikiden Reiki is not work in the medical sense but a Japanese treatment method. As a therapist, I do not make any healing promises or diagnoses. Jikiden Reiki therefore does not replace medical treatment in case of mental or physical illness or the suspicion of such.