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Why not present a gift wrapped in a different way? It’s a way of expressing your appreciation to the recipient.

Receiving a beautifully wrapped gift gives pleasure and arouses curiosity. Furoshiki are square cloths, usually made of cotton or silk, that are traditionally used as wrapping or carrying bags in Japan. The furoshiki fabric is wound and knotted without scissors, glue or string. The good thing about it is that the cloth can be used again and again.

What is special in Japan is that it is not the recipient but the giver who unwraps and hands over the gift. In Japan, it is customary to take the shawl home again, because it serves exclusively as a protective cover. In this country, the cloth would of course be left to the recipient, because Furoshiki fabrics are beautiful gifts in their own right. In addition, packaging with Furoshiki contributes to environmental protection, because it does not cause mountains of waste. Furoshiki - the ultimate packaging method!

Yoshi Huggler from Office Japan will introduce you to the basics of the Furoshiki technique. Together you will wrap various items step by step from a Furoshiki cloth, see course offers.

Workshop – Furoshiki

Office Japan offers regular Furoshiki courses.

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