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A cross-section of various customer feedbacks.
* Note: The names have been anonymized.

“I ran two years from one doctor to another. Nobody could help me. I could no longer sit, stand, or lie. I had such severe back pain. After only 3 treatments, the pain has decreased significantly and after 10 treatments I am now permanently free of pain and feel like newborn!” Manuela

“I had sleepless nights, so many thoughts went through my head. I just could not switch off. After only 4 treatments, I can sleep through again and I notice how my strength is slowly coming back.” Danielle

“I am burned out and exhausted. After a few treatments, I have a clear focus again and I know how to take care of myself.” Simone

“It regularly throws me off the track. It usually starts with an upset stomach and after that I am out of order for several days. Reiki helps me to take care of myself. I look forward to every treatment, it is so relaxing and good for me.” Peter

“I have an autoimmune disease. After a few treatments, I was able to reduce the medicamentation in consultation with my doctor. I feel much more comfortable and stronger. Now I have done the Reiki course and I regularly treat myself. It does so good to me.” Leonie

“I love swimming. Unfortunately, I could no longer practice this sport because of my back pain. After 6 treatments I was able to move safely again and after 10 times I dared to go back into the water and trusted my body.” Judith

“I was on a long trip in Asia, unfortunately I became very ill. Fever, body aches and diarrhea. The doctor prescribed the usual medication for me. Thanks to a tip of a good friend, I choosed Reiki remote treatment. My symptoms subsided quickly and I did not have to take the medication. Now I want to take the Reiki course.” Susanne

“I had no energy, was looking for a job and I only got cancellations. I was really down. After only 3 Reiki treatments I was like a new person, had a good feeling and new doors opened automatically in the working world.” Rolf

“I am an allergy sufferer and get a severe rash at regular intervals. After the first Reiki treatment, several parts of the body alternately ached in the evening, which I did not know. Then I knew that Reiki had triggered something in me in a good sense and that I am on the right path. After further treatments, the complexion came better and the pain subsided. I can proudly show myself in a bikini again today.” Lena

“I had so much back pain that I could hardly turn in bed. In addition, I am in the menopause and often have very hot legs. Long standing was a lot of trouble for me. After only 4 treatments, I noticed that the pain level had halved. After 10 treatments I am now free of pain and regularly go to the gym class again.” Rosella

“Two years ago I made the decision to live more consciously and more carefully. That is why I became interested in the alternative healing method Jikiden Reiki and I spontaneously booked a treatment. In the meantime, I have regularly scheduled Reiki as a preventive health measure in my calendar. It is just good for me.” Frank

“I always have a headache. I had taken painkillers regularly until I realized that it could not go on like this. After a few treatments, the pain subsided and now it does not come anymore.” Bruno

“I had an inheritance that was generations ago. Every doctor told me that it is not curable. After years of trying out several healing methods, I got to know Jikiden Reiki and my symptoms subsided from treatment to treatment. I was so excited that I completed the Reiki courses and now treat myself regularly.” Claudia

“I have claustrophobia. The regular mental Reiki treatments make me calmer and the fear disappears more and more. Today I dare to do things that I would not have dared to do years ago.” Andreas