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TOKYO 2021

The hosting of the Summer Olympics will take place from July 23th to August 8th, 2021 in Tokyo.

I am very excited to follow the preparation and changes in the city, which will guarantee a smooth flow for any visitors.

Personally, I am very pleased that Karate has been accepted as one of the five new sport disciplines. Thanks to the upcoming Olympic Games, interest in Japan is growing again all over the world and many people are considering traveling to this vivid and fascinating country. Because of my broad interest in design, culture and sport, I was able to discover Japan a few years ago and since my fist visit I have been fascinated each time anew by how this country combines and lives modernity and tradition.

I am often asked:

Is it worth a trip to Japan?

At first I did not understand this question, until I realized that many people know very little about Japan and reduce the third-largest economy just to sushi and samurai movies.

How do you get along in the crowded city of Tokyo?

I have to smile again and again at this question. There is nothing more pleasant and relaxing than cycling across Tokyo and exploring the area. There are wide bicycle lanes on large streets and the districts themselves consist of innumerable narrow side streets. The always extremely considerate handling of each other guarantees safe and pleasant journey by bicycle as well as on foot throughout the largest megacity. Even crossing the world famous Shibuya Crossing is nothing easier than that. Everyone is respectful of their fellow human beings. Nobody would touch you in the slightest or even cut the way when crossing. It is always left to the left so everyone knows in advance how to behave.

Oh, you were in Japan, then you ate sushi every day!

Sushi in Japan cannot be compared with the quality, freshness and taste available here. Without exaggeration, they taste a thousand times better. But as Japan offers many other and extremely diverse and fascinating dishes, I only enjoy sushi a few times during a stay.

Is this country as innovative as one reads from time to time?

Oh yes. I am trained as a graphic designer and keep looking for beautiful and exciting things. I am always fascinated by how simple everyday objects are made even better, more functional, more aesthetic and deigned with a certain shrewdness. This different way of thinking, this cleverness and perfection permeates everything, be it traditional handicrafts, in martial arts, in the modern automobile industry or in architecture. This perseverance and precision to get to the point always fascinates me.

Why do you always travel to Kyoto?

On one hand, Kyoto pleases me very much because within a short walking distance a variety of traditional handicrafts such as ceramics, screen printing, weaving, sewing tatami, zabutons and kimonos, building lanterns, wire bending for soup strainers or the production of tofu can be seen in everyday life. This amidst a large variety of temples, shrines, accommodations and restaurants.

On the other hand, thanks to the book by Tadao Yamaguchi "Jikiden Reiki, Traditional Japanese Reiki", I became aware of authentic Reiki. It is Reiki in its original and purest form. This precision and simplicity is evident. My interest was so great that I decided to study with him in Kyoto at the Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai Institute. Immediately Jikiden Reiki impressed me with its simplicity and effectiveness. The seriousness of this institute shows that, compared to other Reiki courses, that a minimum number of clients and practice hours are required during the training. Meanwhile, I am a certified Shihan (teacher) and I teach Jikiden Reiki in courses in Switzerland that are recognized by the Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai Institute in Japan.

Every year I travel to Japan with great joy to learn a lot more from this country. The next trip is already booked. The anticipation makes my eyes sparkle and paints a smile on my face.

Doing a trip to Japan? Oh yes, I can highly recommend it.